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Sunday, March 19, 2006
1:09 PM

Well… it’s been a really long time, huh?

I’ve only got a little time before I need to go, and my main purpose is to tell you that Chapter 7 of 3-SF is still in the works, far from being completed.

And no, 3-SF does not stand for 3 sig. fig. Gods, I’m still pondering the sanity of this girl who mailed me about this. If you don’t even know what 3-SF is, than I have no idea what you are doing here. Seriously… (Or Siriusly… I need to lay off the MWPP fics, they’re affecting my sanity)

On the other hand, the one-shot is finished, though I have not yet typed in one single world of it on the computer. I can’t even think of a decent title… But just in case you want a little teaser, it's a Kuronue/Kagome/Youko fic, set in both the modern and the feudal times. And well… since it's a one-shot, you can’t expect much plot, can’t you? Its angst-y, some parts of it, while the others are quite fluffy (Fluffier than a giant marshmallow!), and others are just plain funny. Kuronue is alive in the modern world as well, since I couldn’t bear for him to die, so there’s no problem in that. As for Suichi and Youko… well, you’ll just have to wait and see!

By the way, I must have made this plea a thousand times… if anyone has any KurKag, KuroKag, YoukoKag, Kuro/Kag/Youko fics to recommend, please spend a little time to inform me of it. I have absolutely no stories in my favorites! Its horrifying, since the author of my favorite stories deemed it fit to delete her fics… *glares at oORainOo* Nowadays, I seem to spend more time searching for fics than actually reading them… And for those without recommendations, do feel free and drop by to say ‘Hello”! Be patient, I’ll try to put something up for all you guys as soon as possible!

together forever*

Wednesday, February 01, 2006
8:48 PM

Well... what can I say? It has been so so so long...
I think this is my what - 5th time editing this whole blog. And each time I tell myself I'll commit myself to this. But then I always find some excuse or another...
So this time I tell myself, "I will commit myself to this". Wonder how long this will last...

On a lighter note, most of my time have been spent on fanfiction.net lately, and I rarely have time for anything else. I tell you, that stuff is addictive. The one-shot is far from being finished, and I don't know how to continue it... Major writer's block. I tell you, I had to twist the whole plot of 3-SF during lesson time today, so for those of you who care, Fluffy's alive and the others stay dead. The good news is that I'm half-way through the update. The bad news is that it's already the 3rd edition... and there might be a 4th.

Concerning the one-shot, I'm thinking of adding some KagKur romance (what else would you expect?) inside, since Kuronue hardly fits as school material.

One last note to all; Happy Lunar New Year.

together forever*

my love for you.

gimme your hand
i'll pull you through
gimme some time
and i swear to you
every night
i'll be so close
every night
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you and me
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